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Good quality Aluminum Machining Service for sales
Good quality Aluminum Machining Service for sales
Customer Reviews
They are absolutely beautiful. The very best ever made since 2008, when I still had them made in Germany. You just out-germane the Germans! I must say your Black Anodising surface is extremely wear-resistant. Even when acids to simulate the sweat from human hands, are applied.

—— Sophie

The parts look great, you did a good job on these.

—— Kris

These are going together very nicely. Beautiful work, thank you very much

—— Kevin

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We use ISO9001:2008 quality system certification to ensure the quality of products. Quality personnel are measuring the size of each piece of machining products, measuring instruments include Digital caliper, Micrometer Calipers, height gauge, Profile projecto, these measuring instruments regularly through the third party laboratory calibration, the measurement accuracy is 0.001mm. In order to improve the speed of the inspection, the engineer designed a precise auxiliary inspection fixture. We can provide the dimensional measurement report of machining parts.


Our testing instruments include altimeter, digital height gauge, measuring projector, microscope, digital caliper, spiral micrometer and so on.


Altimeter is an instrument used to measure the relative height of space points to the ground. It is widely used in on-line or batch detection. It can measure height, depth, groove width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, axis center distance, flatness, verticality, etc.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


The main purpose of digital height gauge is to measure the height of the workpiece. In addition, it is often used to measure the tolerance size of shape and position, and sometimes to draw lines.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


Measuring projector is a high precision, high efficiency and high reliability instrument which integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and computer image processing technology. It can efficiently detect the contour, surface shape, size, angle and position of various complex precision components, and carry out micro-detection and quality control.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


Microscope uses the principle of convex lens to magnify small objects to the size that human eyes can distinguish. It can be used for the measurement and operation of product details.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


Digital caliper is a measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter and depth.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


Spiral micrometer is a more precise tool for measuring length than vernier caliper. It can be used to measure length accurately to 0.01mm, and the measuring range is several centimeters.

Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd


We have established a complete quality control system from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of CNC machined parts. The whole operation process of our operators is operated by SOP. IPQC will inspect every machining step of the product to ensure that the product meets the requirements and then proceed to the next CNC turning process. We provide 100% full-size inspection of the first machining part. FQC tests the product before shipping. Engineering and technical personnel on a regular basis for machining and maintenance settings, timely update machining tool. Our inspection tools are: Digital caliper, Micrometer Calipers, Height gauge, Profile projector... Tolerances can be measured +/-0.01mm and 0.001mm. We regularly send the inspection tools to third-party laboratory to calibration.


Each CNC machining metal parts will strictly carry out three inspections: "First Inspection", "On-Site Inspection" and "Completion Inspection". The inspection work is closely combined with the process control, so that the quality problems or possible quality problems in each process can not be let go, and the unqualified products can not be put into the next order or out of the factory, so as to achieve the purpose of process control.

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    Standard:SGS Detection of 304 Materials


    Issue Date:2018-01-11

  • Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd

    Standard:Proof of 6061-t6 Aluminum Material

    Issue Date:2017-11-01

  • Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd

    Standard:SGS Detection of 6061-T6 Materials


    Issue Date:2018-08-02

  • Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd

    Standard:Proof of H62 Brass Material

    Issue Date:2017-09-23

  • Reayoung Machining Co., Ltd

    Standard:SGS Detection of H62 Materials


    Issue Date:2015-01-17

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