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    Electricity to help benefit mold industry
    Nowadays, more and more mold enterprises realize that get the order through e-commerce is a big trend.Even if all the products can not be moved to online sales, arrange the appropriate category in the online sales also can bring obvious increase in sales, use of e-commerce platform to do promotion, website construction, get more purchasing information, on-line business are mold enterprise electronic commerce application.

    As a result of professional e-commerce platform has the capability of network business platform architecture of institutions, can let the mold enterprise self-built cost reduction and non-professional complicated operation process.And, more importantly, it can according to the professional study of mold industry marketing channel, proposed to promote personal, precise solution, so that enterprises can realize the marketing purposes in a short period of time.In addition, still can help enterprises to effectively integrate the advertisement publicity, warehousing logistics and distribution network resources, to maximize the utilization of these resources.Stand in the Angle of the buyers, help e-commerce platform, customers can directly cooperation with suppliers, which will greatly enhance customers convenient, affordable, comfortable shopping experience.

    PK electric business model

    Vertical electrical contractor and integrated electricity as two big trends of the current electricity development, each have advantages.Vertical electrical contractor is subdivided market operation mode, with the characteristics of the professional, precise, it can be in the enterprise brand, product quality, product price and after-sales service, differences show the unique competitive advantage, can help enterprises to solve easily due to network platform operation is not standard, the price system is not fully, causes such as the lack of a reasonable standard of customer trust and hesitation.And comprehensive electricity has a huge amount of information, unlimited business opportunities, coupled with convenient and quick, low cost, beyond the advantage of regional restrictions, enhance visibility in a short period of time to achieve.

    Relative to the integrated electric business platform, the mold enterprises to choose vertical electric business platform, the implementation of B2B model have more advantages and assurance.It has a professional, accurate transmission channels, with subdivision and professional and win more customers with good quality and low cost to realize precise marketing.By implementing the mold the aggregation of upstream and downstream enterprises, help enterprises to better development of upstream suppliers and downstream buyers the expansion of the channels, to solve the low cost of raw materials procurement and downstream buyers and efficient development.In the same industry enterprises gathered in a circle together, more efficient to achieve precise matching of supply and demand information, functions and application platform more accord with the actual situation of the industry, more ground.

    YunZhi made as mould industry chain vertical B2B electric business platform, has always been based on the vertical niche mold, mold upstream and downstream enterprises as the main target customers, in line with "free help buyers to find the most cost-effective quality goods source" for the principle, to provide users with high-quality procurement services, help the enterprises to establish a good credit system.

    Of course, there are still part of the mould enterprise to electronic commerce disdain for it.Individual mold enterprise think mold enterprise mostly through long-term cooperation business, and is not a strong demand for the development of new customers, and to meet new customers as the main function of the Internet is not much use for them.In fact, the electronic commerce is quietly and mould industry, even mold enterprise is changing habits of thinking.

    In the current electronic commerce policy implementation of good environment, already heated competition, develop diversified market, looking for new business partners, severe situation forced mould enterprises to find new products marketing channel.In view of this, the mould enterprises for survival, is established on the basis of the good faith management, choosing the right B2B e-commerce platform, this is the rational choice.


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